Sean T. Connaughton

President & CEO
(804) 965-1352
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Christopher S. Bailey

Executive Vice President
(804) 965-1207
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James B. Andrews III

Vice President of Financial Policy
(804) 965-1229
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Betsy Archer

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships
VHHA Foundation
(804) 965-1216
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Barbara S. Brown, PhD, RN

Senior Research Advisor
(804) 965-5722
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Kelly Cannon

Director of State Advocacy
(804) 297-3547
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Danielle Childress

Data Analyst
(804) 965-1218
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Jeannine Corey, CPA

Director of Accounting
(804) 965-1201
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Chris Davis

Vice President
VHHA Shared Services
(804) 965-1280
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Joyce Dayvault, RN, BBA

Director of Performance Improvement
(804) 297-3402
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Julie Dime

Vice President of Government Advocacy
(804) 297-3550
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Mike Gaetano, CAPM

Data Operations Manager
(804) 965-5714
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David S. Jenkins

Vice President & COO
VHHA Shared Services
(804) 965-1350
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Victoria Koebel

Advocacy & Foundation Coordinator
(804) 965-1227
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Allison Lawrence

HosPAC Director
(804) 297-3548
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Theresa Lindamood

Administrative Assistant for Quality & Patient Safety
(804) 965-1202
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Matthew Marry

Emergency Preparedness Project Manager
(804) 965-1383
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Lauren B. Martin

Manager of Program Development & Engagement
VHHA Foundation
(804) 297-3555
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Beth McNamee, CPA, SPHR

Vice President/Chief Financial & Human Resources Officer
(804) 297-3549
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David A. Nutter

Regional Director for Community & Member Outreach
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Ian Oommen

Director of Analytics
(804) 297-3540
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Kelly Parker

Director of Emergency Preparedness
(804) 965-1225
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Dana M. Phillips

Executive Secretary
(804) 965-1209
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Polly Raible, MPH

Senior Director of Population Health
(804) 297-3195
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Jennifer Rankin-Walker

Director of Corporate & Member Relations
(804) 965-1219
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R. Brent Rawlings

Senior Vice President & General Counsel
(804) 965-1228
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J. Thomas Ryan, MD, MSHA

Senior Medical Advisor
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Abraham Segres

Vice President of Quality & Patient Safety
(804) 965-1214
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Matthew S. Strader

Senior Director of Policy & Strategic Planning
(804) 965-1221
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David A. Vaamonde

Vice President of Data Analytics
(804) 297-3003
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Tracey A. van Marcke

Chief Executive Officer
VHHA Foundation
(804) 965-1215
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Julian Walker

Vice President of Communications
(804) 297-3193
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Mary Margaret Whipple

Regional Director for Community & Member Outreach
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Jennifer Wicker

Director of Intergovernmental Affairs
(804) 965-1213
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Joan D. Williamson, RN

Director of Virginia Patient Safety Organization
(804) 965-1226
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Travius Yancey

Staff Accountant
(804) 297-3404
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