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Career Center

Finding and maintaining a strong health care workforce is a priority for VHHA members. Statewide health care career opportunities and educational materials are available.

View our Jobs Board for health care opportunities or to post your resumé.

There are many opportunities to work in health care. Most jobs will require college education, so be prepared to take college preparatory classes in high school. As many health careers have more applicants than there are educational slots, you need to do well in high school to compete for those slots. Ask your high school guidance counselor how you can enroll in college courses whil ein high school to shorten the time and expense of achieving the health care career of your choice. Popular health careers and their starting and peak salaries (PDF) are available. Regardless of the job, the highest salaries often require several years of experience and administrative skills.

Here is a full list of public health degrees in Virginia to help get you started.

www.myfirstday.org is designed for students, career changers and career counselors. This health careers information web site provides testimonials, key career facts, school locations, scholarship and tuition reimbursement availability and suggested activities to plan a career in health care. Check back for future postings on job shadowing and youth camp opportunities. VHHA has partnered with the Minnesota Hospital Association to provide this valuable web site.

careLearning.com is the Association’s on-line educational offering which provides an accessible, economical and efficient way to train staff in all areas including health and safety compliance, business/computer skills, nursing, and HIPAA.

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