Health Care Advocates Say ‘Do No Harm’ Amid Washington Uncertainty

The current edition of VHHA’s monthly FOCUS publication examines the potential impact of proposed federal, and state, health care policy changes and the impact those decisions could have on patient access to health care, the stability of our health care delivery system, and health care providers. From elected leaders to health care advocates and members of the public, concern is widespread about the ways in which plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act could fundamentally alter health care in this nation. Possible changes to the federal Medicaid funding formula could impact state finances, the economy, and patients. So could changes to Virginia’s vital Certificate of Public Need (COPN) program that helps support public access to essential health services while offsetting the charity care that is inherent in our health delivery system. When asked their views on health care policy deliberations in Washington, D.C. and Richmond, a majority of Americans have said they want decision makers to proceed with caution. Virginians similarly want their elected leaders to show restraint on health care policy, and a strong majority of Virginians favor our current COPN system.

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VHHA January-February FOCUS Publication