Pressure Ulcers, A Case Study in Achieving Better Health & Better Health Care

Virginia has many assets to apply to the task of achieving better health and health care – a diverse and vibrant economy, strong health care systems, a rich history of principled and capable policy leadership and highly ranked educational programs. However, too often we fail to achieve optimum health for all Virginia’s citizens and communities, effectively manage chronic disease or assure access to effective primary or preventive care; the result is less productive citizens and higher costs later. While the Commonwealth is a top-tier performer in many areas, when measured on broad system performance, neither Virginia relative to other states – nor the nation as a whole – scores well enough.

Because we can and must do better, the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association has developed a “Healthy Virginia” framework on which to build reforms that
achieve better health and better health care for all citizens of the Commonwealth. The framework rests on six pillars:
• Higher quality care
• Improved efficiency
• Access and coverage for all – supported by all
• Better information
• Attention to public health and safety
• Strong workforce

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