VHREF: Empowering Virginia’s Health Care Community

The latest monthly edition of VHHA’s FOCUS publication highlights the work of the Virginia Hospital Research & Education Foundation (VHREF) in empowering members of the hospital, health system, and health care community through educational programming such as conferences, seminars, webinars, and other events. That includes the upcoming Sixth Annual Patient Safety Summit. The upcoming Summit, scheduled for Feb. 2-3, 2017 in downtown Richmond, is focused on enhanced patient safety, reduced risk of error, and improved effectiveness in health care delivery. This event has gained a reputation as one of the best patient safety conferences in the nation, and roughly 600 people are expected to attend the 2017 Summit. The theme of the upcoming Summit is “The Human Factor: Optimizing Safety for Patients and Providers.” Learn more about the Summit here. This event, held in collaboration with VHHA’s Center for Healthcare Excellence, is one example of the important educational health care programming and events organized by VHREF. Learn more about that programming here. You can also find VHREF on Twitter here.

VHHA November-December FOCUS Publication