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VHHA Annual Report on Community Benefit

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Virginia’s hospitals and health systems provided almost $3 billion in community benefit and other types of community support in the Commonwealth in 2013 according to the seventh annual statewide report released by the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association. The amount of community benefit provided by Virginia’s tax-exempt hospitals exceeded the value of the tax exemptions they receive by more than $461 million.

In addition, taxes paid by Virginia’s for-profit hospitals totaled $179 million, and the amount of taxes paid by tax-exempt hospitals was $34 million. The hospitals and health systems provided this strong support despite sustaining nearly $1 billion in Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement shortfalls.

The data in this report is based on hospital costs, not charges, and includes all acute-care and certain specialty hospitals in the state. “Community benefit” was defined using the Internal Revenue Service definition for Schedule H of Form 990. For Virginia this represents:

  • Charity Care: $28million

  • Medicaid Shortfall: $341 million

  • Subsidized Health Services: $135 million

  • Community Benefit Programs and Services: $376 million

In addition to the community benefit and economic impact of Virginia’s hospitals and health systems, other measures of the impact hospitals had on their communities in 2013 include:

  • 3,572,959 million emergency department visits

  • 781,625 inpatient admissions

  • 1,930,299 outpatient visits

  •  103,808 babies delivered

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