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Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association

United States Congress

VHHA partners with the American Hospital Association to organize lobbying efforts before the United States Congress.

Virginia’s delegation is composed of 13 members. Eleven serve in the House of Representatives and two in the United States Senate.


Mark R. Warner (D): http://warner.senate.gov/

Timothy M. Kaine (D): http://www.senate.gov/senators/113th_Congress/Kaine_Timothy.htm


Robert J. Wittman (R): District 1, http://wittman.house.gov/

E. Scott Rigell (R): District 2, http://rigell.house.gov/

Robert C. Scott (D): District 3, http://www.house.gov/scott/

J. Randy Forbes (R): District 4, http://www.house.gov/forbes/

Robert Hurt (R): District 5, http://hurt.house.gov/
Robert W. Goodlatte (R): District 6, http://www.house.gov/goodlatte/

Eric I. Cantor (R): District 7, http://cantor.house.gov/

James P. Moran, Jr. (D): District 8, http://www.house.gov/moran

Morgan Griffith (R): District 9, http://morgangriffith.house.gov/

Frank R. Wolf (R): District 10, http://www.house.gov/wolf/

Gerry E. Connolly (D): District 11, http://connolly.house.gov/

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