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HosPAC is the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Associations's political action committee. Organized as a statewide political action commitee under state law, it was created to achieve legislative and political action to preserve quality health care in Virginia.

HosPAC’s Mission

To provide members with a means for organized and effective political action.

To support candidates who will work to improve quality health care supported by the Virginia hospital and health system community.

To promote efficient and responsible government.

How It Works

HosPAC is governed by a Board of Directors composed of hospital/health system leaders.

HosPAC's purpose is to support state candidates.  The HosPAC Board of Directors evaluates candidates on their qualifications for public office, recommednations from local hospital and/or health systems, issue philosphy, voting record, leadership roles,ability to be elected and the need for financial assistance.

After weighing these considerations, the Board then disburses money to the campaign committees and candidates who have been  determined will best support quality health care inititiatives ans ervices that are vital to Virginians.

How do we support federal candidates?

While HosPAC’s primary purpose is to support state candidates,  its solicitations also help raise contributions for the political action committee of the American Hospital Association (AHAPAC). AHAPAC provides financial support to candidates who are in Congress (U.S. House and Senate). AHAPAC is regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  Under the FEC rules, HosPAC is limited in soliciting contributions on behalf of AHAPAC to AHA's own members who have approved of such solicitation.  HosPAC, on behalf of AHAPAC, may solicit contributions only from certain employees of member hospitals who have granted prior authorization for the solicitation.  HosPAC reviews all contributions to ensure that only portions of eligible contributions are transferred to AHAPAC.

AHAPAC Levels Of Donation

Ben Franklin Club. ($1,000+) For eligible contributions to AHAPAC of $1,000+ to HosPAC, $500 will be transferred to AHAPAC. You will receive a lapel pin, luncheon at the AHA Annual Meeting, a reception and invitations to special legislative events designated by the AHAPAC.

Chairman’s Circle. ($500-$999) For eligible contributions to AHAPAC of $500-$999 to HosPAC, $350 will be transferred to AHAPAC. You will receive a lapel pin, a luncheon in your honor at the AHA Annual Meeting, and recognition at the AHA Annual Meeting.

Capitol Club. ($300-$499) For eligible conributions to AHAPAC of $300-$499 to HosPAC, $150 will be transferred to AHAPAC. You will receive a lapel pin, luncheon and recognition at the AHA Annual Meeting.  

Make a Contribution to HosPAC Today!

Contributions to HosPAC can be made via personal credit card or personal check. (Your contribution to HosPAC is entirely voluntary and the contributor has the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal from his or her employer.) 

Make a contribution online or download the brochure (PDF) to mail in your payment.

For more information on HosPAC, contact Jennifer Rankin-Walker at jwalker@vhha.com.


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