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Programs and Seminars

Throughout the year, the Association offers various Webinars, Audioconferences, on-site programs and on-line education (carelearning.com) that focuses on health care issues that affect Virginia health systems. View our calendar to see these and other VHHA/VHREF educational offerings throughout the year.

Click on Learn More to download a PDF copy of the brochure. To register for a program, click on Register Now.

NOTES: Registration for a webinar below entitles you to one telephone connection at one location, one master set of handouts (with permission to make additional copies for the participants at your location), one Internet connection and an unlimited number of participants from your organization in one listening room.

VHREF requires payment in advance of any program. You may remit payment online using our secure online credit card system or print your registration confirmation e-mail to request payment by check.

Download this list of nearby hotels (PDF) if overnight room reservations are required in Glen Allen, Virginia, as well as directions to VHHA headquarters in Glen Allen.

Be sure to visit www.carelearning.com for your online educational courses.

Updating Your Chargemaster for 2015

January 27 (9:30 a.m. - 11 a.m.)
Fee: $200 per connection (1 Audio/1 Internet)

Learn from an expert answers to these questions: How do you keep up with all of the CPT/HCPCS coding changes and their impact on the chargemaster? How do you balance revenue optimization with maintaining compliance? What kinds of policy decisions must be made with the chargemaster? Why is hospital pricing such a sensitive area? Why are charges such a big deal? Why are the revenue codes sometimes ambiguous? How should supplies be handled? What about drugs and injections? What about nursing services? Should we be concerned about the cost report? Are there different kinds of chargemaster audits? How should clinical personnel be involved in a chargemaster audit?

Target audience: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Chargemaster coordinators, billing/claims generation personnel, patient financial management staff, cost accounting personnel, cost report staff, financial analysts, managed care contract personnel, revenue enhancement staff, financial planners, reimbursement specialists, internal audit staff, utilization review staff and compliance officers

Leading the Change Process: Engendering Support for a New Future

February 26 (10:00 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.)
Fee: $200 per connection (1 Audio/1 Internet

Change is a way of life in healthcare.  The manager’s role in leading change is even more critical.  To be a leader with a sense of purpose and direction, today’s healthcare managers have to have a keen sense of direction.  Every healthcare organization has already experienced great change and more change is expected.  Some staff members may feel that the pace of change has resulted in chaos and crisis.  Fear sets in and resistance to anything new develops.  This is a time for practical management action.  Successful leaders introduce and lead the change process so that there is greater acceptance of the new direction, purpose or process.  Strong leaders play a key role in communicating change in a positive light.  Successful managers enroll their team members in a shared future.  In this session, you will receive practical "how to's" that have been successfully used by leaders to help their healthcare organizations move into a more positive future. 

Target audience: COO, CNO, nursing/hospital leadership, nurse managers /supervisors, medical staff coordinators, accreditation/Joint Commission coordinators, performance improvement directors, risk managers, and nursing home administrators

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