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Programs and Seminars

Throughout the year, the Association offers various Webinars, Audioconferences, on-site programs and on-line education (carelearning.com) that focuses on health care issues that affect Virginia health systems. View our calendar to see these and other VHHA/VHREF educational offerings throughout the year.

Click on Learn More to download a PDF copy of the brochure. To register for a program, click on Register Now.

NOTES: Registration for a webinar below entitles you to one telephone connection at one location, one master set of handouts (with permission to make additional copies for the participants at your location), one Internet connection and an unlimited number of participants from your organization in one listening room.

VHREF requires payment in advance of any program. You may remit payment online using our secure online credit card system or print your registration confirmation e-mail to request payment by check.

Download this list of nearby hotels (PDF) if overnight room reservations are required in Glen Allen, Virginia, as well as directions to VHHA headquarters in Glen Allen.

Be sure to visit www.carelearning.com for your online educational courses.

Creating a Fair and Just Culture: An Introduction

May 7
Fee: $149 per registrant. A 10% discount is available for 3 or more participants from the same hospital.

 This workshop is designed to provide an introductory overview of the Just Culture model and concepts based upon the work of David Marx to assist Virginia hospitals and health systems with establishing and maintaining a culture that supports safety and builds high reliability. This workshop also includes instruction in basic event investigation, coaching and mentoring staff and hands on practice and instruction with using the Just Culture algorithm.

Target audience: Hospital and health system employees including nurses and nurse managers, quality improvement and patient safety management and staff, risk managers, human resources managers and staff, senior leaders, and physicians. For maximum benefit, it is recommended that organizations send a team of at least 2-3 individuals.

CMS Patient Rights Standards: Keys to Ensuring Compliance

May 7 (10:00 a.m. - 11;30 a.m.)
Fee: $200 per connection (1 Audio/1 Internet)

The highest number of deficienciesfor hospitals that were out of compliance with the hospital Conditions of Participation (CoP) were in the area of patient rights. Patient rights should be on every hospital’s the radar screen. The highest number of deficiencies was in the area of restraint and seclusion, followed by care in a safe setting, grievances, personal privacy, advance directives, confidentiality, admission status notification and visitation. The November 2014 report showed 3,908 deficiencies in patient rights.

This program will discuss important CMS memos, including one on confidentiality and privacy for hospitals, which is important due to the revised HIPAA law and increased penalties being levied against hospitals last year. The program will detail the CMS patient rights requirements which include grievances, right to get notice of patient rights, exercise of rights, visitation, informed consent, privacy, confidentially of medical records, safety, advance directives, interpreters, abuse and neglect, infant security, plan of care, staffing levels, and over 50 pages of restraint standards. IT will also highlight the crosswalk to the Joint Commission standards

Target audience: CEO, CMO, CNO, nursing leadership, outpatient director, Medical Staff Coordinator, Accreditation and Regulation Director, The Joint Commission Coordinator, Performance Improvement Director, Risk Manager, and Safety Officer, Compliance Officer, and legal counsel

Performance Improvement in Physician Organizations. The New World of Ambulatory Care - Best Practices and Key Findings

May 12 (1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p..m.)
Fee: $200 per Connection (1 Audio/1 Internet)

In an environment where value is rewarded,high-functioning multispecialty integrated medical groups are positioned to have a strategic advantage.  This presentation provides detailed case studies of how select organizations with differing organizational characteristics, capabilities, and market conditions are utilizing their respective physician and ambulatory organizations to lead organizational transformation efforts toward integrated care delivery.  As part of this session, participants will learn about changing management, operational, and IT structures inherent to these integrated medical groups. 

Target audience: CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CSO, health system and medical group executives, and Vice-Presidents of Business Development.

CMS Final QAPI Worksheet and Revised QAPI Hospital CoP Standards

May 13 (10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.)
Fee: $200 per Connection (1 Audio/1 Internet)

CMS has finalized the Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) worksheet which is designed to help surveyors assess compliance with the hospital CoPs for QAPI. The worksheet is used by state and federal surveyors on all survey activity in hospitals when assessing compliance with the QAPI standards.
This program will not only cover the CMS final QAPI worksheet but also the revised QAPI standards. Did you know that these are problematic standards with CMS, with over 800 hospitals receiving deficiencies? CMS went from 34 tag numbers to eight, and seven of the eight standards were completely rewritten in March of 2014. There were over 280 deficiencies regarding patient safety; CMS is placing a high priority on improving patient safety and the quality of care. Hospitals also received a high number of deficiencies under tag number 283 on QAPI activities and were also cited for not having a number of required policies and procedures.
Every hospital that accepts Medicare and Medicaid must be in compliance with this section. The CMS QAPI worksheet is an excellent communication tool outlining the expectations from CMS. CMS will increase their focus on QAPI in 2015.
This program will also discuss the memo that CMS issued regarding the AHRQ common formats. CMS states that there are several reports showing that adverse events are not being reported. In fact, it is estimated that 86% of adverse events are never reported to the hospital’s performance improvement (PI) program. PI is very important to CMS and the hospital CoPs require many things to be measured

Target audience: Performance improvement directors and staff, risk management, quality staff, compliance officers, chief nursing officers, chief medical officers, patient safety officers, nurse educators, staff nurses, nurse managers, leadership staff, board members, accreditation staff, department directors, infection preventionists and anyone else who is responsible to ensure the CMS CoPs related to performance improvement are met.

Making the Transition to Management

May 14 (10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.)
Fee: $200 per connection (1 Audio/1 Internet)

As you make the transition to management, you will find everything changes.  Your responsibilities expand, your relationships evolve and your time is no longer your own.  Top management knows you have the qualities to be a successful leader.  That is why they made you a manager.  Often new managers come into management with little or no orientation and filled with questions.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the myriad of responsibilities you face.  A lot of management is administrative “stuff” that eats up your time and energy.  The premise of this webinar is that sound, practical management strategies can enhance your leadership and help create a motivated team environment.  This is more than a survival manual – it is a guide to success.  
This session will provide techniques to set priorities, organize work, and motivate staff.  New managers and leaders making the transition to management will find powerful tools in this webinar that they can implement immediately.  It will strengthen leadership talents and reinforces management principles that will produce results

Target audience: COOs, CNOs, department managers/directors, hospital leadership, nursing leadership, nursing home administrators, and other hospital professionals interested in management

Lean Healthcare 300

May 19 - May 21
Fee: $549.00 per registration. A 10% discount is available for 3 or more participants from the same hospital.

Lean Healthcare 300 is a facilitator training course designed to take basic lean training and knowledge to the next level and apply that knowledge with a team to improve a process.  This course will give participants the information and training necessary to lead a Kaizen event.  The course includes discussions on:  the structure of a successful lean organization, including the roles for management, frontline and executive staffd; teams and team formation; a kaizen agenda and actions to complete during a kaizen event; along with other helpful tools.  The course also includes team break-out sessions and real-life examples.  There will be speakers who will discuss thier hospitals' journeys and success stories.  Participants must have completed Lean Healthcare 200 to be eligible to attend this program.

Target audience: Healthcare Professionals looking to establish a solid foundation in the principles and tools used to improve systems and processes, including but not limited to: nurse leaders/managers; performance improvement specialists; Lean/change professionals; human resources professionals; physician leaders; healthcare executives; healthcare managers

Human Factors Science and Safety Event Analysis

June 25
Fee: The fee for this program is $375.00. Registrants from hospitals who are members of the VA PSO will receive a $50 discount off the program fee.

This 1-day workshop will cover the topics of human factors engineering as it relates to healthcare as a system and the relationship between the key concepts and event investigation.  Using a case study approach, participants will be walked through the steps of conducting a timely review, methods for considering each system component; ways to ask questions and acquire information , and methods for remaining objective and supporting a just culture. Solution development and ways to measure effectives and achieve sustainability will also be covered.

Faculty:  Vicki R. Lews, PhD, Healthcare Safety Strategies, LLC

Target audience: Hospital and health systemmanagers, quality improvement and patient safety management and staff, risk managers, senior leaders, physician leaders, and others who conduct patient safety event investigations.

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