The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association (VHHA) has been leading health care initiatives in Virginia for more than 90 years, and with your support, the VHHA Foundation will lead its educational initiatives in the 21st century. Because the health care landscape impacts everyone, your role is important!

We bring health care leaders, professionals, community members, and stakeholders together to partner with and support the mission of the VHHA Foundation. Let us help your organization broaden its reach by engaging directly with our members. We are seeking corporations, businesses, and individuals interested in supporting the VHHA Foundation.

The VHHA Foundation’s programs and events span a wide range of audience participation: health care CFOs, COOs, CNOs, trustees, human resource officers, purchasing managers, marketing professionals, technology directors, education managers, compliance officers, stakeholders, endorsed partners, and many others who have an interest in the health care industry.

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