The VHHA Center for Healthcare Excellence was launched in January 2015 as an initiative of VHHA and the Virginia Hospital Research & Education Foundation (VHREF).


To improve the safety and quality of health care in Virginia by assisting members in achieving top-tier performance in quality, safety and service.

Specifically, the Center will: (1) Support and encourage adoption of best practices in patient care and service by all Virginia hospitals and health systems; (2) Facilitate effective collaborations among Virginia hospitals, health systems, health care providers and key stakeholders; and (3) Serve as a coordinating center for seeking, procuring and administering funding to support patient safety and health care quality initiatives in Virginia.

Imagine a Virginia That . . .

  • Delivers high-value health care (top-tier quality at the lowest cost);
  • Ensures a safe environment for all patients, families, staff, and visitors in health care organizations;
  • Achieves zero harm to all patients;
  • Always provides an optimal patient and family experience;
  • Understands and adopts reliability as an operating system in health care;
  • Designs and implements health care work processes to reflect evidence-based best practices; and
  • Influences and reinforces behavior accountability of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Overview of the Center for Healthcare Excellence

The VHHA Board of Directors approved making publicly available a Virginia report card that measures aggregate quality and patient safety performance of Virginia's hospitals.

Information contained herein details progress made by Virginia hospitals and health systems in select quality and patient satisfaction elements of performance.

Last Data Uploaded June 2017

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Abraham Segres: Vice President, Quality and Patient Safety

Betsy Archer: Senior Director for Grants & Performance Improvement

Joyce Dayvault: Director, Performance Improvement

Mike Gaetano: Project Manager, Quality & Patient Safety

Theresa Lindamood: Administrative Assistant for Quality & Patient Safety

Joan Williamson: Director, Virginia Patient Safety Organization

PSO logo - patient safety
The Virginia PSO is a component organization of VHHA and VHREF, created under the authority of the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005. The Virginia PSO was established to assist Virginia hospitals, health systems and other health care organizations in providing the safest and highest quality of care to their patients.
In it’s seventh year, the Virginia Patient Safety Summit continues to provide information and best practices to enhance patient safety, reduce the risk of error, and improve effectiveness of teams in the delivery of health care. The Summit has gained a reputation for one of the best patient safety conferences in the nation, and attracts close to 600 attendees each year.