September is "Sepsis Awareness Month"

To support patients, providers, and the Commonwealth, the VHHA Center for Healthcare Excellence is promoting the availability of sepsis information and resources through links and content available through this page.

To start with, it's important to understand that sepsis is a potentially life-threatening complication arising from an infection (bacterial, viral, fungal, etc.) that reaches the blood stream and prompts a strong reaction from the body's immune system. When this happens, organs can be damaged, or even fail to function properly. In severe cases when the infection leads to septic shock, patients can experience a dramatic drop in blood pressure that can be fatal.

The Sepsis Alliance is a resource for information, videos, fact sheets, graphics, and much more. Below are a few handy links to some of those resources for patients and providers. During the month of September, we also encourage you to engage in the conversation on social media using the hashtags #SepsisAwarenessMonth and #SAM.

Sepsis Awareness Month (September 2018) Toolkit from the Sepsis Alliance.

Sepsis Alliance Resources for Patients and Families.

Sepsis Alliance Resources for Medical Professionals.

Sepsis Fact Sheet.

Sepsis Warning Signs.