The Research Department provides analyses to support advocacy efforts on behalf of VHHA’s members. This section of the VHHA website will provide you with the latest research and analysis of important and emerging trends in Virginia hospitals.

The Research Department oversees the inpatient, ambulatory, community benefit, financial, and special studies databases. It uses data from state and national sources to address policy questions and issues. The research staff is a resource for hospitals. Every year, VHHA releases a series of reports that provide up-to-date information on both health and hospital trends. Recent studies help track improvements in patient safety and quality, and reductions in readmissions. The research team also conducts population health studies to support members’ community health assessments.


VHHA Analytics features interactive data analyses that seamlessly enable you to access to an array of customized and detailed, hospital and state specific reports. Our dashboards help VHHA-member hospitals enhance operations, reduce costs, better serve patients, and more effectively communicate health care issues. Our goal is to help you gain data-driven insights in order to achieve top-tier performance in safety, quality, value, service and population health.

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About Research Corner

Research Corners are brief analyses published weekly. They provide timely and pertinent information on patient care trends, population health, and health care financing. VHHA’s data repositories provide the data for the analyses. Below are the most recent topics.


Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores (11/30)

What happens when better still isn’t good enough? It’s a legitimate question many hospital leaders grapple with as part of the ongoing work to improve health care quality, safety, and patient experience. A recent Research Corner column noted that Virginia hospitals have made improvement in patient satisfaction scores, while some areas leave room for more. Read More
vhha pricepoint
VHHA PricePoint is a public website from which consumers are able to review hospital charges, length of stay, demographics and volume by procedure.
Urgent Care and Emergency Locations
View this map containing locations of Virginia urgent and emergency care locations.
Community Benefit highlights the significant contributions that Virginia’s hospitals and health systems make to their communities beyond the essential health services they provide.
vhha population health
The VHHA research department aims to supplement hospitals and health systems with analytics for population health management and clinical decision support.
vhha financial policy
The VHHA is involved in the development of policies on both a state and federal level that affect Virginia’s health care.

2018 Community Benefit Annual Report

Caring for Our Communities

Virginia’s local hospitals and health systems continue to make substantial health and economic contributions throughout the Commonwealth, according to the 2018 Annual Report on Community Benefit provided by Virginia hospitals.