Most Likely Readmission Patients, and Whether Age Factors in Readmissions

In recent months, VHHA piloted a new readmission analysis tool with select hospitals across the state. The readmission tool consists of a series of interactive charts which display patient records. The chart which generated the most comments (shown below) categorizes readmissions by the number of post-discharge days prior to a return. Many hospital teams were surprised to see the greatest number of readmissions occur within three days of discharge. Statewide, 17,031 readmission cases (14 percent) occurred within that period. In evaluating other characteristics of readmission patients, VHHA found no evidence that patients readmitted within three days of discharge reflect an older demographic. In fact, the three days after discharge pattern observed as the period most likely for readmissions holds constant regardless of patient age. (8/14/2015)