Effective Hospital Communication Produces Positive Patient Experiences

Establishing a culture of quality patient care is dependent upon a variety of factors in hospitals and health systems. One of those factors is communication between patients and medical staff; a common metric in satisfaction surveys. As the graph below illustrates, there is a direct relationship between how patients score their communication with doctors, and how they scores nurses on that same measure. Data show that if a patient favorably scores communication with doctors, they are also likely to positively score communication with nurses (significant with a p-value < .0001). Effective communication between patients and providers can prevent costly errors, enhance patient care to prevent delays, and promote consistent caregiving among the members of a health care team. From the data, we can infer that open communication by physicians and nurses with patients creates a positive experience for people receiving treatment.  (10/23/2015)

Figure 1: Relationship between average hospital scores of communication with doctors, and communication with nurses.