What VHHA Quality and Patient Safety Scorecard User Data Reveals

The VHHA Board of Directors in 2010 approved going public with a Virginia report card that measures 13 quality and patient safety metrics for Virginia’s hospitals. Earlier this year, VHHA launched a new, publicly available scorecard with an interface that is more user friendly than an earlier version of the scorecard. The online tool also includes icons and tool tips that enhance the user experience. Since its release last year, the redesigned scorecard has 4,500 more page views than the previous year. Clearly, there has been audience growth. So a natural question is ‘What are users looking at?’ Embedded web analytics allows VHHA staff to monitor scorecard user behavior. The most-clicked areas of the scorecard are the patient satisfaction information icon (1,253 unique clicks), the PSI 90 information icon (985 unique clicks), and the mortality information icon (907 unique clicks). These results are reminiscent of an observation Dr. James Reinertsen made at the VHHA Annual Conference several years ago about the three things patients want out of experiences with health care providers. In short, he said, patients’ expectations are:

  • Cure me;
  • Be nice to me; and
  • Don’t hurt me.

The data on scorecard user behavior seems to correlate with those expectations. (1/22)