Centra Health
Lynchburg, Va.

The Rosemary & George Dawson Inn is a twenty room non-profit Inn which was envisioned, funded, built, and opened in 2012 as a result of collaboration by Centra physicians, administration, Board members, volunteers, generous donors, and the Centra Foundation. The Inn provides home-like lodging to patients and their family who are receiving medical treatment in the Lynchburg area. Here is one story of what staying at the Inn meant to a patient.

In July 2015, Roberta Carr learned she had a glioblastoma the size of a lemon growing inside her head. She was rushed into emergency surgery and her surgeons were able to remove 85 percent of the tumor.

Ms. Carr’s father had previously passed away from brain cancer. Due to her family history, her doctors knew that they had to take an aggressive approach with chemotherapy and radiation in order to eliminate the remainder of the tumor. This meant six weeks of chemotherapy treatments, five days a week. That demanding schedule meant that driving from her home in Halifax to Lynchburg each day for treatment was not possible for Ms. Carr or her sister who acted as her caregiver. Thankfully, Ms. Carr noticed one of the Dawson Inn brochures while waiting to receive her cancer treatments and asked about accommodations. Ms. Carr and her sister stayed at the Inn for six weeks during the treatment regimen. “Being able to stay at the Dawson Inn meant everything. Traveling back and forth would have been too much,” Carr said. “The people here are like family and I will really miss them.”

Added Carr’s sister, Fran Parker: “It was nice to be close to Berta during this time. The atmosphere here is wonderful! Having food available to us was helpful when we were strapped, and we would always leave the leftovers for someone else when we could.”

Roberta Carr finished her treatments in October of 2015 and was able to celebrate by ringing the bell at the Pearson Cancer Center signifying the end of her cancer treatments.

Reston Hospital Center
Reston, Va.

Reston Hospital Center provides educational outreach opportunities to community partners throughout the year, empowering community members to make educated healthcare decisions every day. The summer of 2015 marked the grand opening for Reston Hospital Center’s Pediatric Emergency Room. The team welcomed over 1,000 local community members to see the new Pediatric ER space and meet the doctors. Attendees were welcomed into the facility for a family-fun filled day, learning about the Pediatric Services that Reston Hospital Center is able to provide for the kids in our community.