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As Congress considers the American Health Care Act as an alternative to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it is important for members of the public, business leaders, and employers to make their voices heard on enhancing our health care delivery system, which we all need at some point. More

New Report Shows Hospitals Help Power Virginia’s Economy by Providing Thousands of Jobs and Billions in Economic Activity

Hospitals in Virginia continue to serve as indispensable community pillars that provide public access to essential health services and are economic cornerstones. Newly available data show Virginia hospitals in 2015 employed 125,674 people in good-paying jobs, with payroll and benefits totaling $8.5 billion. More
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2017 Virginia Patient Safety Summit Commences This Week

Health care providers, clinicians, and other members of the health care community are expected in Richmond later this week for a two-day event focused on patient quality and safety. More
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2017 Annual Report on Community Benefit

Caring for Our Communities

Virginia’s local hospitals and health systems continue to make substantial health and economic contributions throughout the Commonwealth, according to the 2017 Annual Report on Community Benefit provided by Virginia hospitals.
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2017 VHHA Spring Conference

In today’s evolving health care environment, Virginia’s health systems and providers must continually look for ways to adopt and adapt to rapid changes in ideas, devices, and methods. The 2017 Spring Conference will give attendees insight into best practices in technology, methodology, patient experience, and outcome optimization to ensure Virginia is a leading force for health care innovation.
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