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VHHA’s pressroom includes media releases and all supplemental publications, including our monthly FOCUS article and our triannual Review magazine.

FOCUS is a policy piece, usually four pages in length, that explores in detail a particular issue. Review is VHHA’s magazine that covers a wide variety of health care issues. Articles may be reprinted with permission from VHHA; please contact the communications department for more information.

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Click here to listen to the Patients Come First podcast, featuring interviews that personally introduce listeners to frontline health care providers and unsung heroes whose dedication to care makes a difference in the lives of patients.

Hospital Week (May 2017)

For Hospital Week 2017, this issue of REVIEW spotlights important patient quality and safety efforts, patient testimonials, and stories about the caring and committed health care professionals who work to enhance our health care system and deliver positive patient outcomes each day in community hospitals and health systems throughout the Commonwealth.

FOCUS June-July Cover for Web

Virginia Has Voted: Looking to the Nov. 2017 Elections

This edition of FOCUS provides an overview of results from the June 13 Virginia primary elections and looks ahead to the statewide campaigns for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and to district races for seats in Virginia’s House of Delegates.

2017 Community Benefit Annual Report

Caring for Our Communities

Virginia’s local hospitals and health systems continue to make substantial health and economic contributions throughout the Commonwealth, according to the 2017 Annual Report on Community Benefit provided by Virginia hospitals. The latest report covers data from 2015 when community benefit provided by local hospitals continued a consistent trend of growth over the previous year.
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VHHA Updates Quality and Patient Safety Scorecards

Virginia’s local hospitals and health systems are dedicated to delivering positive patient outcomes by providing high-quality care to all they serve. Achieving those goals requires commitment, vigilance, and self-assessment to identify opportunities for improvement. More

Virginia Hospital Community Develops Cybersecurity Guidelines to Help Protect Health Care Information Systems in the Face of Cyber Attack Threats

The recent global ransomware attack that reportedly affected an estimated 200,000 computers across North America, Europe, and Asia is a startling reminder of the hacking dangers posed to the information systems central to so much of modern life. More

Focused Efforts by Virginia Hospitals Result in Achieving Lowest Early Elective Delivery Rate in the Nation

Research has shown that babies carried to full term after 39 weeks of gestational age can improve birth outcomes and have lasting positive effects on lifelong health. More
Virginia is a state full of winners in the health care field. Some have excelled in the public eye; others have performed wonders quietly. To recognize these individuals and entities, VHHA has three award programs: Community Benefit Award, Wellness Award and the Outstanding Service Awards.
Your Right to Decide
“Your Right to Decide” describes health care decision-making provisions of state law in terms that are easy to understand. It is the only summary of state law that is currently approved by the designated state agencies as required by the federal law.
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